Guide: KingFast Phison S11 master firmware update

Lately, several customers have reported issues with the Mini PC, including failure to boot into the operating system or accessing the BIOS directly after a period of usage. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the SSD had entered a write protection state. Here, we have compiled a list of identified problems along with their respective solutions.

Part 1,  The problems we may face.

Problem 1: Screen shows error message: Reboot  and Select proper Boot device or lnsert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

Note: There are three possibilities for that error, which should be checked according to the step sequence.
1. Check from BIOS to confirm that the startup setting correct or not.
2. Check if OS files get hurt or not.
3. Check if SSD entered the write protection state.

Problem 2. The mini pc goes to BIOS directly after turn on.

Part 2. How to confirm if the SSD entered the write protection state?
To confirm if the SSD has entered the write protection state, power on the PC and press either the "Delete" key or the "F2" key (please note that the specific key may vary depending on the PC model) to access the BIOS. Once in the BIOS, verify if the SSD name is displayed normally.
1. Normally, the SSD displayed name is "KingFast", shows as below picture
2. When SSD got problem, it shows name "SATAF IRM S11", shows as this picture:

Part 3. Once confirm the SSD entered the write protection state, we need to update the firmware.

1. Add a new harddisk(could be any kind harddisk, including NVME, MSATA, M.2, SATA 2.5 inch SSD or HDD) and preload Windows system, set the new added harddisk as the master boot disk and the failed SSD as the slave disk.
2. Confirm the failed SSD is recognized in disk manager in the Windows system. Way to confirm: Press "Win" + "R" key on the keyboard to open "Run" window, enter "diskmgmt.msc" and press "Enter" key.image

3. Use SSD firmware update software(Reinitial&DLMC_SBFQP1C3_20210720) to update the firmware.

Part 4. Way updating the firmware with software.

1. Run "Reinitial&DLMC_SBFQP1C3_20210720" as Administrator
2. Click "Get Device Info" to confirm the SSD is the one need to get firmware update, and then click Update "Firmware"
3. After click "Update" it will show window below, click "OK". Pls note all SSD data will be deleted after doing this step.
4. When showing below Window, the Firmware Update finished.

After a successful update, you have the option to utilize the updated SSD as a slave disk or as the primary boot disk. To utilize it as the primary boot disk, please install the Windows operating system onto this updated SSD and configure it as the master boot disk.


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