Pfsense installation and configuration tutorial

Preparatory work

  • Pfsense mirror file
  • win32 disk imager(Mirror file writing tool)
  • A USB flash drive with more than 4G capacity

1.Download Pfsense mirror file and create installation media

1.Go to Microsoft website, enter Download Pfsense, Select AMD64 (64 bit)>DVD image (ISO) Installer> Austin, TX USA, and then click DOWNLOAD. After the mirror file is downloaded, use the decompression software to extract it into ISO format.

2.Go to Microsoft website, enter Download win32 disk imager, After downloading, install and run. Then insert the USB flash drive and write the pfSense iso file to the USB flash drive in the software.

2.Install pfsense (disconnect the network cable from the PC during installation)

1.Insert the USB flash drive into the pc that needs to install the pfSense system, press the power on button, quickly tap the F11 or F7 keys on the keyboard (depending on the pc model), enter Boot Setup, select UEFI: VendorCoProductCode 2.00, Partition 1>Enter, After the system self-check is complete, the installation wizard will be displayed. Install the system as prompted.

2.How would you 1 ike to partition your disk? Select Auto (UFS) UEFI

3.At this point, the pfSense file has been successfully written to the hard drive. To avoid entering the installation interface again during restart, remove the USB drive and click<Reboot> to restart, which will enter the pfSense command line console.

3.pfSense basic configuration

1.Entered the command line console of pfSense. When Should VLANs be set up now [y | n] appears? Enter "N" and press "ENTER".

2.Setting the WAN port, Enter the WAN interface name or "a" for auto-detection, Enter "re0" and press "ENTER".

3.Setting the LAN port, Enter the Lan interface name or "a" for atuo-detection, Enter "re1" and press "ENTER".

The pc model used in this document is H3-J4125-2L, where re0 corresponds to WAN and re1 corresponds to LAN.

4.Do you want to procee [y | n], Enter "y" and press "ENTER".

5.After the Settings are complete, the Internet network is connected to the WAN port, and the LAN port network is connected to the local area network. Under normal circumstances, the IP address will be automatically obtained in the DCHP network environment.

6.Using a PC connected to a LAN port network environment, Go to browser, enter the ip address of the lan port in the address bar of the browser. In this tutorial, the ip address is can also set ip addresses for the wan and lan by pressing the number "2" on the console based on network requirements), PFSENSE default user: admin, the default password: pfsense. After entering the web management page, set relevant parameters according to the page prompts and requirements.


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