DATA saving on HDD before SSD

Everybody knows that SSD is much fast than HDD, price also much higher. But right now SSD cannot replace HDD totally, not only because of the cost, but also because of some performance.

Mainly is file saving. Although SSD seldom get problem, but it didn’t means SSD will never get any problem. Till now, we faced many users get same problem on original Kingfast F6 128GB SSD, after connect the defective SSD back, we find the files on the SSD cannot be moved to other place, and mostly, files saved in the broken SSD all lost. Altough Kingfast already solved this problem by changing its F6 64GB and 128GB to 60GB and 120GB instead, this problem tell us to use SSD for system and software running only, don’t use it for file saving.

Files on HDD can always get back by some software or tools even the HDD get problem, this is also the reason dual storage mini computer get more and more popular.