Fanless PC based on Intel® 82574L Gigabit Ethernet


HYSTOU mini pc mostly use Realtek lan chipset, but also many hotsale mini pcs using Intel chipset, here we list some hot models that goes with Intel 82574L gigabit ethernet chips:

1. Fanless PC with Core i5-3317U cpu, dual Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet, this version is very hot but since it is near to Chinese Spring festival now, we don’t have time to arrange new producing, only sell the stocks now, after stock sold out new one will comes only after long 2016 Chinese spring holidays. Product is available by paypal from this link: and also available on aliexpress here:




2. Hot version FMP04-1037U, which is same computer case as above i5-3317U version, just changed motherboard and CPU, this 1037U fanless pc always full stock, by Paypal checkout here and buy credit card or other payment via aliexpress here


3. New industrial fanless pc with 6 com port 8 usb port, two Intel 82574L Gigabit Network, Dual HDMI port. There are 1 half heigh mini pci-e wifi and also another full height standard mini pci-e slot, we can use bluetooth wifi or other mini pci-e cards.

available by Paypal here: and we can buy this mini industrial pc from aliexpress here:




4. FMP02-1037UB, dual Intel Gigabit Lan, available by paypal here and by aliexpress visa checkout or others here