Guide: Bios Update for Windows Mini PC P03B-i5-7260U

This bios updating mainly solve SPDIF audio problem, if your pc don’t have this problem pls do not do this updating, otherwise the pc may perhaps get broken.


The OPTICAL port is for audio, if you connect to optical speaker but output no sound, then follow this guide to solve the problem.


At first, let’s making USB tool.

Step 1. Make windows mini pc ready, and also prepare an empty USB flash disk, download the files of “update-tool”and “BIOS-file”into the mini pc, Plug the empty USB flash disk to the mini pc USB interface.


Step 2. Open the USB flash disk, find software “HPUSBDisk.exe”within file of “update-tool”, right click “hpusbdisk.exe”and select “running as Administrator”.


Step 3. Select the emplty USB flash disk from “Device”, and check the checkbox “Create a DOS startup disk using system files located at”


Step 4. click “…”icon and select “dos7SystemFile” in file “update-tool”, and then click “Start” icon.


Step 5, click “Yes”from the HPUSBFW window as below picture.


Step 6. Click “Yes” icon after finish.


Step 7. Go to file “GSKL4504“ within “BIOS-file”, and then copy the programs within that file to USB flash disk, now the USB tool making finished.


Secondly, update BIOS now.

Step 8. Plug the USB flash disk we’ve just making to the P03B-i5-7260U which need to be updated, and power on the press, Keep pressing “F11”, and then select boot device USB DISK, click “Enter” to go next.


Step 9. input “f”in the DOS system, and then wait till it finished



Now the BIOS already update successfully, and SPDIF audio runs fine.


Pls well noticed that, if the system get broken after bios updating, pls reinstall Win 10 directly, hardware won’t get broken during the above updating steps, just sometimes the system get broken. If you don’t know how to install Windows 10, here is guide to help:

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