How to check storage inside of Hystou FMP04 mini computer?

1. open the case



2. if you purchase with only SSD storage, it mostly will goes with mSATA SSD


if you purchase dual storage, it will have 2.5 inch HDD there too



If the computer goes to BIOS instead of Windows when power it on, pls remove the System storage, mostly it is mSATA SSD, and then plug it back again and try, sometimes the slot get loose and make SSD not recognized. If still not find SSD, pls use another mSATA SSD with system to try and confirm whether the mSATA port get problem or not, once you make sure the SSD get broken, you can send the SSD back to hystou and get repaired within 3 years warranty. If the mSATA post get porblem, you can try using the extra SATA port, or send the computer back to hystou within its 1 year warranty.