How to install two storage on hystou C1037U mini computer

HYSTOU mini fanless computer C1037U is very powerfull mini desktop, it adopts ultralow power Intel Celeron Processor 1037U, barebone machine cost less than $150, but powerfully support 1080P resolution and 3D games. Memory support DDR3 up to 8G, harddisk support 2.5 inch SATA HDD and SSD, also mSATA SSD, any capacity is OK. Most important, this small size computer support 1 SATA storage and 1 mSATA storage together, now let me show how to install.


Step 1, open the mini itx alloy case, find the SATA and mSATA port on the computer motherboard as below:


Step 2. Add 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD and its power cable


Step 3. Input mSATA SSD, use one screw to fix it (one 1)


Step 4. Use 4 screws to fix the 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD onto the computer bottom case, and then fix the mini computer ally case, now its over and you will find SATA and mSATA placed as shows in below picture:


Note: update a new full size picture(i3, i5 and i7 mini pc are all similar to this 1037U mini pc we are talking about here, wifi adding pls check guide here):


The C1037U mini pc is very small but very powerfull in performance, it’s best applicated to office, school lab room and multi-media classroom, estate and bank service terminal, shopping plaza, cybercafe, e-Conference Room and so on. The silver color brushed aluminum alloy case makes it very high grade and strong. You can see its size compare to normal desktop computer.



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