HYSTOU OEM Logo Service

There are many logo styles, here we collect those we usually supply as per mini pc order qty.

1. Metal plate, the one HYSTOU use for their own brand, picture here:


It also well used for all kind cars including BMW and Benz.



The metal plate logo is high grade, but cost is high. For order qty less than 1000 units don’t supply free service, OEM service cost about 300 USD, charge one time for one logo only, no future cost for future orders.

2. Metal sticker: suggested for simple logos, if there are complicated design or too many letters, don’t suggest to use this kind sticker althought it looks good. For less than 100 units mini pc order usually charge 60 USD OEM cost, one time charge only like the first one.



3. Laser marker, high grade, but on metal only, recommended on black mini pc chassis, about 60 USD OEM cost for small orders less than 100 units mini pc, not one time cost, charge everytime.



4. silk screen printing, high grade, any chassis ok, but easy to get fade on metal surface, cost same as Laser marker, less than 100 units mini pc order charge 60 USD, not one time payment, but charge everytime.


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