Internet Cafe Software / Cyber Cafe Software collections

Hystou mini computer support all kind internet cafe software, but thin client don’t. Here as per customer request, we collect some internet cafe softwares from internet and list them here:

1. Antamedia Internet Cafe:
2. Smartlaunch:
3. TrueCafe: (As per customer feedback, this TureCafe can run on thin client)
4. HandyCafe:, it is said Free For Life-Time on its website
5. Cafezee:
6. CyberCafePro:, CyberCafePro is free internet cafe software designed for cyber cafes, internet cafes or any timed PC business
7. CyberLeader:

Many others online, welcome share it here. All of them can be used in hystou mini computer, for thin client only TrueCafe is tested OK.

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