Old Mini PC i5-3317U VS New Mini PC i5-4200U

New Mini PC i5-4200U price is about 35 usd higher than old i5-3317u mini pc, now let’s learn if it worth this higher price.


1. New i5-4200U mini pc add 4k resolution, old i5-3317u mini pc support only blu ray 1080p and 1080i, currectly one 4k graphic card price is more than 100 usd;
2. i5-4200U mini pc Power consumption is lower than i5-3317u mini pc, TDP only 15 W, i5-3317u TDP is 17W;
3. Lower TDP bring lower heat releasing;
4. Computer architecture update;
5. Graphics update from HD4000 to HD4400
6. Memory from single channel upgraded to dual channel, now i5-4200u mini pc support max 16GB RAM instead of 8GB

Above 6 reasons for extra 35 usd only, would you think it worth or not?