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Welcome to HYSTOU. If this is your first visit, then congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey to discover the coolest gadgets in the world. No matter you are an end user or reseller, or even qty importer, you can just place order directly online and get the suitable rate for your selected products.

Hystou.com was founded in 2013 as a wholesale center specializing in mini computers, thin clients, HDTV products, digital products, and smart phone products. Before founding hystou.com and selling online directly, we have already specialized in producing mini pc and thin client for nearly 7 years, customer all over the world came to place orders directly from our factory.

Since market grows, single mini pc factory cannot fulfill our customer’s requirement; we slowly find some honest partners and add many other computer and internet products into our line. Thus in 2013, we make hystou.com come online. Now when you come, we wish you could find the right products you need; and if you have any idea about the gadget you want to see on hystou.com, don’t hesitate to let us know by mailing to info@hystou.com.

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