Sff PC BOIS Setting – Windows XP system


Some buyer would like to use Windows XP for special industrial use, FMP04-1037U is one of the most hot sale small form factor pc. Normally we will set up the sff pc to ready for use status, but due to e-EMS strict shipping policy, the CMOS battery within the sff pc could not be shipped, so users from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and some other countries who use e-EMS shipment method will need to purchase CMOS battery locally and insert to the sff pc when receive it.

To use this sff pc correctly, we need to do some BOIS setting after put the CMOS battery into the computer, otherwise the Windows XP system cannot be use on this sff pc. Here is the step by step guide with picture to help you:

1. Press Delete key to enter Bios when turn on the sff pc, and go to Advanced, find SATA Configuration


2. Press Enter key to select and enter SATA Mode Selection


3. Select IDE


Save above BIOS setting and restart your windows xp to use it as it should be. This item is available in aliexpress.com