The Role of FN Key Combination

Here we collect some main functions of FN key combinations on several brand laptops.


Role of Lenovo laptopsFn key:

FN+Esc: Open/Close camera
FN+F1: Turn the computer into sleep mode
FN+F2: Close/open the LED screen backlight
FN+F3: Switch to other connected display device
FN+F4: Change screen resolution
FN+F5: Call the wireless(Wifi/Bluetooth ect) on and off control panel
FN+F6: Enable/disable the touchpad
FN+F8: Enable/disable the number keypad
FN+F9: Play/pause Media Player
FN+F10: Stop Media Player
FN+F11: Play the previous song
FN+F12: Play the next song
FN+PgUp/ScrLk: Enable/disable the scroll lock
FN+PrtSc/SysRq: The system request key
FN+Up / down button: Increase / decrease the brightness of the display screen
FN+Turn right / left arrow: Increase / decrease the volume of computer
FN+PgUp: Move cursor to the beginning
FN+PgDn: Move cursor to the end
FN+Nmlk: Start / stop small numbers keyboard

Role of Asus laptop Fn key:

Fn+F1: Turn computer into standby or sleep mode
Fn+F2: Open the built-in wireless network function
Fn+F5: Dimming LCD screen brightness
Fn+F6: Brighter LCD screen brightness
Fn+F7: LCD backlight source switch
Fn+F8: Switching to external display mode, external monitor or TV
Fn+F9: Enable/disable the touchpad
Fn+F10: The mute switch (for Windows only)
Fn+F11: Lower the volume (for Windows only)
Fn+F12: Increase the volume (for Windows only)
Fn+Del: To open or close the “scroll lock” function
Fn+Ins: Enable built-in digital keyboard
Fn+T: Start ASUS Power 4 Phone application
Fn+V: Start digital camera application and photo
Fn+<Space>: Equivalent to the property set shortcut keys, pressing it can set the relationship between the system performance and energy saving
Fn+C: Switching to setting display color options screen

Role of Dell laptop Fn key:

FN+ESC: Select the default power management mode
FN+F3: Show power meter
FN+F8: Switching the display
FN+F10: Pop-up DVD drive
FN+Up / down button: Increase / decrease the brightness of the display screen
FN+END: The mute switch
FN+PgUp: Increase the volume
FN+PgDn: Decrease the volume
FN+Num lock: Equal to pressing scroll lock

Different brand laptop will be different on FN function, but mostly it will show marks on the keys, so follow the marks and try on your own laptop will find the right role. And also FN key on desktop keyboards functions also similar to laptops.

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