The way Hystou Mini PC come out


Only several month, FMP03B and FMP05B comes to be well knowed in Europ and America, expecially FMP05B. Maybe you see this mini pc box when you are watching movie in theatre; maybe you see this in some high schools computer room; maybe you see this in other’s offices; maybe you see it when you checkout from super market; or you see this from a friend’s living room, and many other places. YES, this computer can be find everywhere now. Would you ever thinking how it get out? Now let’s show you.

Firstly, the motherboard produced in special SMT factory. Hystou mini pcs are all high intergrated SOC design, except memory, wifi and storage, there is no other moving parts.



Secondly, assemble in our assemble line, in this step we assemble the motherboard and computer case together, for qty orders memory and storage and wifi will also be assembled together.


Lastly, final testing and package, small orders will also add memory, storage, wifi and install OS before shipment