Using Windows 7 on SSD is better than XP

SSD is more and more popular due to its fast and stable running, on hystou mini computers mostly using SSD instead of HDD, to make the mini computer runs fast and keep high capactity same time, hystou even adjust its computer design and can install 1SSD and 1 HDD together, so people can take 1 SSD for system and other big capacity HDD for storage, to learn details of the new version mini computer pls click here.

In the past, when customer require low specification at low cost, we always suggest take 8G SSD and run XPE system, but now, we find it is acturally not good running XP on SSD, also you cannot feel any different, but XP will make SSD goes demage easily. This is because XP is old system, its kernel is not compatible with many new technical, using xp on ssd will influencing the full play of the advantages of solid state drives. Windows 7 is bigger than xp, after install the system, there will be no much space if the SSD only 8GB, so now we suggest customer consider at least 16GB SSD on the mini computer.

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