What advantage of New ITX case for i3 and i5 mini computer?

Recently Hystou released a new alloy computer case for its new i3 and i5 mini desktop computers, this new case is about 10 usd more than its old case, now let me check why use this case.

First, check the picture of this computer case below, size is 197*197*29mm, suitable for all kind mini ITX computer motherboard.


And the case released before this is flat surface, others all same.


On picture you can see the first one looks more heavy, but maybe not very clear of the difference, now let’s see clearly on the first picture’s surface:



It is just a cooling fin on the case surface, big cooling fin made by alloy, so when using this computer case, the computer acturally not fanless computer, changed to be fan one. This can help make the computer feels much better

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