Why Atheros AR928X shows 300MB in my HTPC but 150MB in some other HTPC?

After all our HTPC with celeron 1037U cpu, i3,i5 and other new released versions all use 300MB wifi, most of our buyers say the wifi is very good and feel satisfied. But today, one buyer back and insist the wifi we supply to him is 150MB, now let’s shows why this happen.

Here is the picture shows you how the wifi internet works:


From above picture, the laptop and desktop using the wifi card (ie. Atheros AR928X) to receiver signal from the wireless router. So there are two factors which affect the computer’s internet speed: one is router(sender), and secondly is the computer wifi card(receiver).

Wifi card speed is 300MB means it can maxly receive 300MB, even your router can supplier higher than 300MB speed it will get only 300MB for your computer; but if your wireless router supply only 150MB then your wifi card on computer will also shows only 150MB, this is why the 300MB we test at buyers hand shows only 150MB.

Our test:


This is what buyer see: 150 150-1