Multi-User computing solution

If there is only one user (CEO or manager office), choose mini desktop computer directly, things you need to build one computing system:
1.       Hystou mini desktop computer;
2.       LCE or LED display monitor, 17 or 19 inch is most hot choice for normal offices and schools;
3.       USB keyboard and mouse;
4.       Speaker: earphone or mini speaker are suggested for offices and schools;
5.       Printer and other equipment as per requirement.

For many users offices or classroom, 1 mini desktop computer host, with core i3 or above processor, 2G or above memory, 1 SSD no less than 16GB for Windows 7 or Linux system, and 1 HDD as per exact requirement for data saving; other users just use thin client, share all resources from host directly.

Thin client in above picture can be changed as per different requirement. Normal office work or simple computer training, use N130, N630, FL100, FL200 will be enough; for entertainment purpose, suggest consider N300, U110 or FL300.
How much you can save by above solution?
1.       If using traditional fat desktop host with i5 processor, with 8G ram and 1TB HDD, price will be more than 500 usd, but one hystou mini desktop computer with i5 processor, 8G RAM and 1TB HDD price less than 400 USD, so the host you can save more than 100 usd each.
2.       If use FL100 price 49 usd, it is 450 USD cheaper than fat host computer, so if there are 10 users in your office, you can save 450*10=4500 USD on computer hardware itself. The more users you have, the more you will save. And if use N130 price less than 30 USD, it will save more than that.
3.       On software, you can save more than hardware. One Win7 professional price about 90 usd, one office 2013 about 100 usd or more, one Photoshop cs6 about 100 usd or more, and so on for other software, you have to pay each user lot of money on the software. But when using the solution we are talking here, you only need to pay for the host, other users will share host system and all other software free from host directly. You can image all the software you need every day and check all the cost, and consider if all your office staff will use them freely, how much you will save?
4.       Power consumption for hystou mini desktop and thin client max 20W and some only 5W, but traditional fat computer host will cost more than 150W, just the money you can save every year.
5.       Maintenance costs: you only need to maintain the host, thin client is high integrated and no moving parts, no need to maintain at all, so you can save a lot maintenance costs by adopting above solution.


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