How to Make Your Hystou Mini PC Restart Automatically after a Power Loss


Making the mini pc automatically power on when you turn on the power supply in your whole office is really convenient, here let’s share how to make this set up in your hystou mini pc.

Step 1. Press DEL when turn on your mini pc, and go in to BIOS screen.


Step 2. Go to “Advanced BIOS Features” as shown on above picture, press “Enter” to go next screen as this picture:


Step 3. Go to “Onboard Super IO Function”in above picture, press “Enter” to go next as this picture:


Step 4. Move the cursor to the bottom part in above screen by pressing the downward direction key on keyboard as shown on this picture, and then you will see “Restore on AC Power Loss by”option.



Step 5. Press “Enter” to see the 3 options shown below:


Explain: “Power Off” means the computer will keep off status after the computer get power supply;

              “Power On” means the computer will auto turn on once it get power supply, no need to manuall press “POWER” switch on the mini pc.

             “Latest State” means the computer will remember the last status when get power supply, if the mini pc was off before power loss, it will keep off; if the mini pc was powered on before power loss, then it will auto turn on when get power back.

Step 6. Select the Options you want from above three options, press Enter to save your setting.  After this setting, press “F10” and it shows window as this picture:


Select “OK” to save configuration changes and exit setup. Now you can remove the power adapter from your mini pc, and then connect it back, it will auto power on as per your setting.


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