Free Driver Update Tools for your Computers

Have you encountered driver issues? No need to rely solely on your computer supplier every time you face a driver problem. Here are some handy driver tools designed to update all or select drivers installed in Windows for your mini computer's hardware.

These free driver updater programs streamline the process of keeping your drivers up-to-date. By using one, you can reduce the need to frequently navigate Device Manager or search for the correct driver from your computer supplier manually.

1. Driver Booster (Driver Booster Download)


Among the array of free driver updater programs, Driver Booster stands out as a top choice. It seamlessly operates across all Windows versions, offering a straightforward approach to driver updates.

With Driver Booster, you have the option to schedule automatic scans for outdated drivers. Upon detection of new updates, you can conveniently initiate the download process directly from within the Driver Booster interface, eliminating the need to navigate to an external browser for downloads.

Moreover, Driver Booster provides a useful feature that allows you to compare the new driver version with the currently installed one before installation, offering valuable insights into the updates.

2. Free Driver Scout (Download)


Free Driver Scout stands out as an exceptional driver updater due to its genuine automatic updating feature.

Unlike other programs on this list, Free Driver Scout performs scans, downloads, and installations of required updates automatically, without requiring any user intervention.

Additionally, Free Driver Scout offers the capability to exclude specific device drivers from scans, preventing them from appearing as update candidates in the future.

Another noteworthy feature of Free Driver Scout is its driver backup and restoration functionality. Users can easily back up either select drivers or their entire driver repository, subsequently restoring them as needed.

Moreover, Free Driver Scout includes a valuable tool known as the OS Migration Tool. This tool proves indispensable when transitioning to a different Windows operating system, as it automatically identifies and saves the necessary device drivers to a designated location, such as a flash drive. Subsequently, users can effortlessly restore these OS-specific drivers post-installation, eliminating the hassle of manually locating and installing drivers for the new operating system.

3. DriverPack Solution (Download)


DriverPack Solution distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface, simplifying the driver updating process compared to many others.

Featuring minimal buttons and devoid of confusing screens or complex options, the program offers a straightforward experience.

Supporting bulk downloads and automated installations, DriverPack Solution eliminates the need for navigating through cumbersome installation wizards.

Upon launching DriverPack Solution, users are presented with the option to either automatically download and install all drivers or manually select specific updates based on their preferences.

4. Snappy Driver Installer (Download)


Snappy Driver Installer, akin to DriverPack Solution mentioned earlier, offers a free solution for updating drivers efficiently.

This tool allows you to download multiple drivers simultaneously for various device types. Once downloaded, you can promptly install the updates, whether you're connected to the internet or not.

Notably user-friendly, Snappy Driver Installer doesn't require installation itself. This portability feature enables you to use external storage devices like external hard drives to transport and install the downloaded drivers on any computer without hassle.

5. SlimDrivers (Download)


SlimDrivers offers a comprehensive set of features, including updating outdated drivers, backing up installed drivers, and uninstalling drivers, all at no cost.

You have the flexibility to create a customized schedule within SlimDrivers, ensuring timely updates to keep your system current.

One notable feature of SlimDrivers is its clear display of the release date of the currently installed driver alongside the date of the update. This transparency instills confidence in the legitimacy of the updates, minimizing concerns about program glitches.

During testing, SlimDrivers demonstrated an ability to detect additional updates that some other programs may have overlooked. If you've encountered missed updates with your current driver updater, SlimDrivers presents itself as a viable alternative worth exploring.

6. Driver Talent (Download)


Driver Talent, previously known as DriveTheLife, stands out for its simplicity in updating drivers without the need to scour the internet for official download links.

This program not only facilitates the updating of outdated and missing drivers but also rectifies corrupted ones and conveniently backs up all installed drivers.

Before downloading a driver, Driver Talent provides essential information such as its size, release date, and version number, ensuring you receive the desired update accurately.

An alternative version of the program is also available, equipped with network drivers and designed to function offline. This feature proves invaluable when installing drivers without the appropriate network driver installed initially.

7. Device Doctor (Download)


Device Doctor is a straightforward and user-friendly driver update program available in both regular and portable versions, offering flexibility in installation.

It enables you to schedule scans to identify outdated drivers, redirecting you to a website where you can manually download the updates upon detection.

As updates are obtained externally from Device Doctor, occasionally, you may need to unzip driver files before utilization. This task can be easily accomplished using a file unzip tool.

8. DriverMax (Download)


DriverMax, a free Windows program, specializes in updating outdated drivers, but it does have some limitations.

Beyond updating old drivers, DriverMax offers features such as backing up selected or all installed drivers, restoring backed-up drivers, rolling back drivers, and identifying unknown hardware.

During my testing, I noticed that DriverMax identified a notably greater number of outdated drivers compared to every other program on this list. Upon verifying the version numbers against the currently installed drivers, all identified updates appeared to be valid.

9. DriversCloud (Download)


DriversCloud, formerly known as Ma-Config, is a complimentary online platform designed to retrieve comprehensive details about your hardware and software, including any outdated drivers.

This process entails downloading a program that enables a web browser to collect information directly from your computer.

Once on the website, you'll find various categories such as BSOD Analysis, My Drivers, Autorun, Network Configuration, among others, offering a range of options for exploration and analysis.

10. DriverIdentifier (Download)


DriverIdentifier stands out as a remarkably straightforward yet highly effective free driver updater program.

Even without an internet connection, you can initiate driver scans—a particularly convenient feature if your network card driver is malfunctioning. Upon completing the scan, DriverIdentifier prompts you to save the list of drivers to an HTML file.

Simply access the file on a computer with an internet connection to enable the DriverIdentifier website to cross-reference the results with their extensive databases. Any drivers requiring updates will be conveniently accompanied by an "Update" link next to them.

11. Driver Easy (Download)


Driver Easy is a versatile program designed to facilitate driver updates in Windows, and it's available for both personal and commercial use at no cost.

You can effortlessly schedule scans with Driver Easy to identify outdated drivers and receive prompts to download updates. These scans can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly, during PC idle times, or upon logging into Windows.

One notable convenience of Driver Easy is its ability to download drivers directly from within the program, eliminating the need to open an external web browser.

Additionally, Driver Easy offers supplementary features such as viewing hardware information and conducting driver scans even without an internet connection. Moreover, there's an online version of the scanner available, which streamlines the program into a simplified scanner without the additional features.


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