HYSTOU 2018 Happy Autumn Tour

The second half of every year is always busy. Mini PC's super hot sale in September make all of our sales person crazy, everybody request big rest and big fun from nature.Oct 1 to 7 is national holiday, every Chinese goes out for fun, we don't want that busy fun, so our travel dated from Oct 19th to Oct 21st, and destination was decided by Jacy, our sales champion in September. Shaoguan is a very good place, not very far, for three days travel is just perfect.

Day 1. Glass bridge. 

The Yunmenshan Glass Bridge was officially opened on September 1, 2017. It is the first fully transparent high-altitude glass bridge in Guangdong Province. The bridge decks are all paved with transparent glass. The length of the bridge is 316 meters and the vertical height is 168 meters. The total width is 2.8 meters. Before we went to the psychological one, most of us thought that standing on the glass bridge with high transparency, everything should just turning around and around. As a result, God may heard our voices and mistakenly thought that we were too coward, so he bring thick fog and make the whole glass bridge surrounded, and the visibility is less than ten meters. This really feels like heaven, but this feeling is really wonderful.

Would you agree our T-shirts are even more beautiful than the scenery?  ^_^

Day 2. Danxia Mountain. Would you agree our T-shirts are even more beautiful than the scenery?

Danxia Mountain (China Red Stone Park) is located in Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, between 113°36′25′′ to 113°47′53′′ east longitude and 24°51′48′′ to 25°04′12′′ north latitude. With a total area of 292 square kilometers, it is the largest scenic spot in Guangdong Province, a scenic spot dominated by Danxia landforms and a world natural heritage site.

Danxia Mountain is the world's "Danxia Landform" named place. It consists of more than 680 red gravel rocks with flat tops, steep bodies and gentleness. The color is like fire, featuring Chibi Danya. According to the research of geologists, more than 1,200 Danxia landforms have been found in the world, with the most typical, most complete, and most abundant Danxia landforms.

Although God cares about us, the next day gave a cool breeze day, but there was no morning glow and sunset, so the flame-like scenery was only able to see from other people's pictures, but the day's hiking distance in such comfortable weather is really wonderful. Everyone can't help but keep taking deep breath in the mountains.

Day 3. Nanhua Temple.

Nanhua Temple is located on the bank of Caoxi, 7 km southeast of Maba Town, Qujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, about 24 km south of Shaoguan City. Nanhua Temple is one of the famous Buddhist temples in China. It is the birthplace of the Nanzong Zen Law of the six ancestors of Zen Buddhism.

Nanhua Temple was built in the first year of Emperor Wudi of the Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 502). In the three years of Tianjian, the temple was built, and the Emperor Liang Wu gave the name of Baolin Temple. Later, it was renamed as "Zhongxing Temple", "Faquan Temple", to the first year of Song Kaibao (AD 968), Song Taizu gave "Nanhua Temple", and the temple name is still in use today. Because the six ancestors of Zen Buddhism were here to promote the Fa, they were also called the Sixth Patriarchate. Nanhua Temple covers an area of over 12,000 square meters and consists of buildings such as Caoxi Gate, Fangsheng Pool, Baolin Gate, Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Zangjing Pavilion, Lingzhao Tower and Liuzu Temple. In addition to the Lingzhao Tower and the Sixth Temple, the buildings were rebuilt in 1934.

Buddhism Holy Land, it's not good to take too many pictures, we sincerely respect the Buddha and visit silently, we hope that such cultural heritage can be maintained perfectly.

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