Guide: connect bluetooth KB&Mouse to AIO PC

Occasionally, we include a complimentary Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with AIO PC orders. While the English version keyboard easily connects to the PC, users may encounter difficulty with other versions like ES or DE. Below, we provide detailed... Read More | Share it now!

Possible Errors and Troubleshooting Wireless Access Point on Windows 10

Question 1. After Windows restarts, the Wi-Fi hotspot doesn’t turn on. Answer 1. To restore the wireless network, run the hosted network with the command: netsh wlan start hostednetwork You don’t need to re-enter the network name and... Read More | Share it now!

Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Windows 10 PC

Similar to earlier operating system versions, Windows 10 allows users to establish a software-based Wi-Fi hotspot, also known as an access point. This hotspot facilitates the creation of a local wireless network or the sharing of an Internet connection... Read More | Share it now!