Guide: KingFast Phison S11 master firmware update

Recently, some customers reported that the Mini PC could not enter the operating system or directly enter the BIOS after being used for a period of time. After testing, it’s the SSD entered the write protection state. Here let’s listed the problems... Read More | Share it now!

Miscellaneous Configuration-PC not booting succesfull

When turn on the mini pc, system cannot boot on, only shows the loading windows as below picture, this problem should be solve by changing Miscellaneous Configuration from BIOS, we need to change “OS Selection” to “Windows 8.X”. (Important:... Read More | Share it now!

All In One Desktop Computer Fan testing -A1-I7-8565U

Here is real testing for HYSTOU’s all in one pc’s fan noise, testing PC model: A1-I7-8565U.CPU temperature (℃)Fan speedEnvironmental resolutiontuyere30100050504016005050502200505060260050557030005062If you think your all in one pc is too noisy,... Read More | Share it now!

Guide: connect bluetooth KB&Mouse to HYSTOU AIO PC

Sometimes we supply free gift bluetooth keyboard and mouse to AIO PC orders, English version KB is easy to connected to the pc, but for other versions such as ES or DE versions ect, users would not be able to connect the bluetooth keyboard and mouse to... Read More | Share it now!